About us.

We specialise in genuine security and safety risks services to help our clients achieve their business objectives by eliminating any direct or indirect threat to their place of business. We use our world class expertise to assess the environment in which our clients operate and provide the best security solutions that will enable their business to increase  revenues, reduce costs, and protect critical assets.

S1 Protection Services is committed to providing innovative solutions to all its clients’ security needs.

Our reputation is built on raising the industry standards and creating a service that caters to each clients’ specific needs; from the hiring process to our clients’ relationship. We take pride in our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations and surpass the services of our competitors. With each account, we create specific post orders with the development of an in-house training program for each officer on our client sites. We look forward to showing you how we have created and maintained such a professional reputation; which is built through years of continuous growth and adaptation to both the security market and our client’s expectations.